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It brings me great delight to provide excellent service and use my God given gifts to deliver impeccable results. If you want to get an idea of the experiences that my past clients have had, I recommend you take a look at the testimonials below. My clients trust me and have experienced the benefits of working with me. Contact me today and join my list of satisfied clients.


I don't have the words to adequately describe the positive interactions I have had with Ms. Toni throughout the years. When I got my first reading, I was 18 and unsure of most things in life, including the spiritual part of myself. Toni is a warm, giving person, and she's funny as hell. All of this shows in her readings. I've done cards, crystals, and tea with Ms. Toni. The quality of information is always amazing. I take notes to use for reflection later. I have found that most positive things Toni has told me, have come to pass. She even predicted when I would get pregnant with my daughter. Any medium you are comfortable with, I would advise trying. Crystal readings with Toni will be like nothing you have experienced before. She can pick up on certain things about a person just by the way they handle the crystals. 

Toni's brand of spiritual life coaching is something so positive and magical I think everyone could benefit from speaking with her. Toni has experienced so much in her life. She is always willing to share and connect with you. She can talk you through anything.

Kimbi Rooks

She is amazing and her readings is from her heart and the divine. You should really try this. It will change your life. Love her!

Rose Glardon

My 1st in counter with Ms. Toni was actually thru a video call. I needed a little guidance on a big decision. I asked my closest friends/sisters, that I needed someone to talk to, they suggested Ms.Toni. My 1st discussion with her setting an appointment day and time, I already felt better. 
In my life I have had a few readings, but I never really felt that I ever got anything from it, while my friends would get all kinds of information.
Well with Ms.Toni I got my answers... And she always seems to be telling me something, that only I know or things I don't yet know. Since our initial meeting, I've meet her in person and have always had the same wonderful, warm, fun experience.

Fallyn Dishman

I met Ms Toni by chance and let me tell you Thank God I did!! She said a specific word that resonated with me and we instantly clicked. I knew it would be the first reading of many! She has helped me clarify a few spiritual experiences and encounters in my life as well as give good guidance, insight, and life coaching. She has a psychic gift and she pairs it with a unique style of reading, she has wowed me with the things she knew as well as told me of some to come. 
Another quality I love about her and her readings is honesty if you ask her a question and she does not see or receive information about it she will tell you just that, she is genuine. 
For me I needed a counselor. One that I felt I could talk to about anything, and I was blessed to have found her. She is fun, funny, down to earth knowledgeable, gifted, and to me a trusted friend.
I have recommended her to my own Husband ( who is a skeptic but also has agreed to get a reading) Mother, Father, and friends. And I recommend her to those of you who are interested.

Connie Edler

I met Ms Toni through some friends at a very low time in my life. This blessed lovely woman took time to read her crystals for me. She pulled no punches, guided me in what I needed to do, and was gentle and loving in every way. Her reading was right on and since meeting her I have had the honor of meeting many more awesome folks. She doesn't just say what you want to hear she tells it like it is which when consulting a talent like hers is what you should be looking for. Any time spent with her is Precious and blessed. Thank you Ms Toni for caring for a complete stranger and sending her down a wonderful path of love and light!

Jackii White

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